Fintech 5.0 Summit by FirstBank:
Business Opportunities For All Nigerians online opportunity..

Hey, good to have you here!!

It might no longer be news that the long awaited annual FirstBank oganised Financial Technlology Summit have come and gone.

It might also not be news that this year's summit with the theme, "Open Banking", have prepared the ground for every Nigerian, whether in Nigeria or in the Diaspora to effectively begin to make legitimate money from the day to day basic and necessary activities as carried out by Nigerians the world over.

Here is however what we bring to you, not just as a news item, but a good one with the potential of helping you tap into the boom and make cool money.

You probably might be wondering what this opportunity is, but let me say straight that it is the same opportunity that the Banks have been using to take in Billions of Naira into their coffers thereby helping them break really even in their banking activities.

Have you ever wondered why your Bank has been sending you messages to recharge your mobile line from your account?

Have you ever wondered why the Banks even promise and offer additional incentives to those Customers that recharge their mobile lines from their accounts?

Have you ever wondered why the Banks are offering a whole range of services which one would not traditionally regard as banking services?

Why are the Banks into services like Bill payments- Electricity bills, Cable Tv subscriptions, Data Bundle subscriptions, etc?

Well, whether you missed out on the recently held FinTech Summit or not, there is really no point to miss out on the financial opportunities.

Contrary to popular opinions that one would need quite a huge amount of money to set up a lucrative business in Nigeria, this opportunity with its very high prospect as tested and proven actually proves otherwise.


So, if you have N2,000 then unfold this world of limitless opportunities as unveiled during FinTech 5.0 Summit, organised by FirstBank of Nigeria Plc.

Drop a line on WhatsApp: +2349096213727 to get started, or to get clarified on any area of your concern.

Finally, when you will get started, here is what will shock you the most: your transactions will be exactly as if you were doing it directly through your Bank account. But even more shocking will be the fact that, while you were not making any money from the transactions you did through your bank account, you will actually be making money from your transactions as you get activated.

That is the essence of Open Banking, so be among the first to tap into a world of unlimited opportunity by dropping a line on WhatsApp: +2349096213727

Thanks, and see you on the wealthy side of life.