DISCOVER: The Secret Of All Round Health.
By: MANNA, E. A.
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Secret Of All Round Health by MANNA, E. A.

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Knowing that health is wealth, many people over the years and most especially in the recent times are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that even though medicine and the likes are in constant use in the resolution of health challenges, they however do not give a lasting result as one will have to repeatedly make use of such medications in order to feel normal.

This concern is making a great number of people to constantly search for ways one can truly enjoy all round health even without the use of medications.

Promotional price: N1,050 expiring soon

In this book, DISCOVER THE SECRET OF ALL ROUND HEALTH, that concern of how one can truly enjoy an all round health is comprehensively covered.

Here are 7+ Unique Things To LEARN And BENEFIT From the book, “DISCOVER: THE SECRET OF ALL ROUND HEALTH”

1. What made humans live more healthier and longer decades ago than they are now.
(This is not about the eating of organic food, non artificial stuff, natural things, or dieting)

2. Internal body environmental requirement for one to enjoy all round health, and remain so.
(This is neither about the detoxification of the body in whatever form or by whatever means, nor is it about the body ph).

3. Triggers common to all humans that initiate the occurrence of sickness and disease.
• What the triggers are
• How to identify the triggers
• What to do to keep the triggers at bay so as to enjoy all round health.

4. Four Health Areas that make the complete health of the person- PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and two others that control both the physical and mental health areas.
o What they are
o How to consciously use them to positively influence your physical and mental health

5. Where the secret of all round health is embedded.
(It is neither in dieting nor in medication. Do you think it is in regular exercise? I do not think so).

6. SPIRITUALITY (RELIGION) and HEALTH: The link that exist between them.
• What the link is
• How to use your knowledge of that link to remain in all round health.

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8. Free copy of every subsequent revised edition

9. and more.......

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Promotional price: N1,050 expiring soon

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